Polymer structure property relationships

Understanding the effect of processing on the microstructure of polymers is of critical importance for predicting the mechanical performance of final products.


Low shear stress rheology is traditionally used to correlate the physical and mechanical properties of materials to their microstructure. Arkema Analytical Solutions’ rheological laboratory can characterize polymers from solid to liquid state using a variety of techniques, such as Dynamic Shear Rheology of polymer melts and polymer dispersions and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of polymers, rubbers, films and fibers.  Coupled with our state-of-the-art microscopy and spectroscopy facilities, we are able to build a complete picture of polymer structure and how it relates to performance.

Overlay of frequency dispersions chart in polymer structuring

Typical case studies include: 

  • Morphology and miscibility of polymer blends
  • Effect of polymer branching on the extensional properties of cross-linked polymers
  • Effect of impact modifiers and additives on the polymer performance
  • Shear thinning and structural breakdown of polymer melts
  • Dissolution temperature evaluation of polymeric dispersions
microstructure of polymers