Polymer processing behavior and performance analysis

Industrial processes such as injection molding, extrusion, and solution casting require fine precision and controlled processing conditions to deliver optimized products and end-use applications.


At Arkema Analytical Solutions our scientists have the experience and capabilities to help identify the most effective processing solutions, whether the applications are engineering plastics, composites, blends, coatings and thin films, or biodegradable polymers. Our polymer microprocessing laboratory is equipped with micro compounders and micro extruders, which permit the study of processability and extrudability of polymers at the laboratory scale for a quick and accurate identification of common processing problems.

Chart displaying shear rate and stress in polymer processing

Arkema Analytical Solutions capabilities can be applied to study:

  • Flow behavior and viscosity of melt polymers under high shear rates
  • Melt instability of polymers during extrusion
  • Die swell measurements and surface fracture evaluation
  • Melt strength and melt extensibility
  • Fabrication and orientation of fibers 
  • Extensional viscosity measurement