Contamination and trace impurities

Product defects and contamination are a reality in any industrial manufacturing environment. Understanding and correcting root causes quickly and efficiently is the key to maintaining customer satisfaction.


Arkema Analytical Solutions testing services can study the bulk of a material or of its surface to identify the origins of defects and/or contaminants. Analysis of chemical impurities at trace concentrations can shed light on the root causes of formulation and chemistry problems that affect product performance.

Micro-Raman characterization of product contamination and defects is commonly used in fracture and failure analysis.

Typical projects include:

  • Particulate inclusions
  • Burned/degraded polymer
  • Improper formulation
  • Reaction side products
  • Non-uniform layer thickness or composition
  • Poor coating adhesion/delamination


  • Surface blooming
  • Surface contamination
  • Cross contamination
  • Gel formation
  • Chemical, thermal, and environmental exposure
  • Residual surfactant levels
  • Residual monomer levels