Liquid state NMR

The NMR spectrometers at Arkema Analytical Solutions are capable of routine and advanced liquid state NMR, allowing fully multinuclear and multidimensional experiments. 

We can study common nuclei such as 1H, 11B, 13C, 19F, 27Al, 29Si, 31P, and 119Sn, as well as less common nuclei across the periodic table.  Our systems are equipped with up to three channels, pulsed field gradient, variable temperature controls (-5 to +150°C), and a large variety of probes including highly specialized triple resonance probes. 


We can run gradient-based multi-dimensional NMR experiments such as COSY (correlation spectroscopy), TOCSY (total correlation spectroscopy), HMQC (heteronuclear multiple quantum coherence), HSQC (heteronuclear single quantum coherence), HMBC (heteronuclear multiple bond correlation), DOSY (diffusion ordered spectroscopy) and HSQC-TOCSY.  High temperature (up to 450ºC) melt state NMR is also available.


Key applications of liquid state NMR include:

  • Chemical structure elucidation of small molecules, such as pharmaceuticals, surfactants, plasticizers, UV stabilizers, and anti-oxidants
  • Mixture composition analysis (small molecules and/or polymers)
  • Monomer identification and composition in copolymers
  • Polymer chain end identification
  • Polymer sequencing
  • Residual monomer analysis
  • Determination of chemical reactivity ratios or decomposition rates, in situ or ex situ
  • Product stability and shelf lift analysis
  • Diffusion coefficient quantification for small molecules