Ion chromatography

Ion chromatography (IC) is a separation technique used to analyze aqueous solutions of ionic species such as anions, cations and low-level organic acids. 

Similar to liquid chromatography, ion chromatography utilizes a liquid mobile phase, a separation column, and a detector to measure the species eluting from the column. Common detection technologies used for ion chromatography include conductivity, UV, electrochemical, and mass spectrometry (MS). The IC technique is frequently used for the identification and quantification of ions in various matrices including water (H2O), peroxide (H2O2), and plating baths, for organic acid purity determination, for analysis of process streams and for analysis of surfactants and ions in various formulations, such as detergents. Arkema Analytical Solutions utilizes quaternary pumps, which allow mobile phase modifications for high valency ions. We have the capability to interface IC with an MS detector (IC/MS analysis) for the identification of unknown ionic species. The selectivity and sensitivity of our various detectors allow determination of ions at ppb levels.